Improve air quality in cities?

You are curious about the link between earth observation (EO) and surface air quality (AQ) monitoring? Then take part in the FabSpace 2.0 Breeze Technologies Challenge. Get your ticket until 10.01.2018(extended!) to sign up for the event at 12./13.01.2018 in Darmstadt

With special support by Count+Care and city of Darmstadt. 1st prize is a trip to #EcoApForum in Sofia, Bulgaria 5./6.2.2018!

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The challenge

Increase the Air quality of cities is a global challenge. One way to better control the situation is to measure and predict air quality. For this purpose the Darmstadtian Earth Observation Lab FabSpace 2.0 and the Hamburgian Startup Breeze Technologies announced this Hackathon supported by city of Darmstadt, HEAG and EUMETSAT.

The idea is to merge data from Breeze's sensor together with Earth Observation data to derive first solutions for prediction models. You can be creative and develop your own solutions for integration of satellite data to improve measurement and prediction accuracy.

For this purpose, we will let you work in small teams on a specific cases. In the run-up, Breeze will create all the necessary conditions. AQ sensors will be installed in a test area of a German city. You will then get CSV files with general metadata (e.g. geolocation) and historic measurement data from the test area including the following indicators:

  • Ozone (O3) in µg / m3
  • Particulate Matter (PM2.5) in µg / m3
  • Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) in µg / m3
  • Carbon Monoxide (CO) in mg / m3
  • Ammonia (NH3) in µg / m3
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Let's get you started

In addition, you have access to the Developer API from Breeze. With this API, you can consume the real-time values of the provided sensors including all the indicators mentioned above but in JSON format.

Using the Breeze surface data and the Sentinel satellite data from the Copernicus Mission, you will be able to develop your own idea for the synthesis of the various data sources.

We’ll have a two day long program where you can work and design your own solution and pitch your idea at the end of the event. A jury consisting of FabSpace and Breeze experts will judge the best solution. The winner will get the chance to work with Breeze in the future, for example in a summer internship or a permanent position. Additionally, the winner will qualify for the FabSpace 2.0 bootcamp in May 2018.

Important note

The participants will have to agree to signing an NDA not to disclose information about the Breeze technology and the supplied air quality and meta data. Participants will of course be able to discuss their ideas with each other during the event. Breeze Technologies receives proprietary rights of use and exploitation of the generated ideas.

Have a look on the agenda


To get you started we’ll offer you access to the FabSpace infrastructure upfront. Therefore, we have prepared some materials and and tools as a starting point, you can find down below. For our activity we designed this program for you. In addition you can use our ComBase platform to communicate with other users and experts to push your ideas and solution forward.

Friday, 12.01.2018

Introduction and Production

On the first day, we'll introduce you to the event and form teams. In the next step, you will receive the detailed task and case description as well as the full data sets to start working on your solutions. You'll also have the chance to get in touch with team members of Breeze and FabSpace and to network with the other participants.

Saturday, 13.01.2018

Presentation and Jury judgement

On day 2 you will have some time to finish your early stage prototype. Afterwards each team presents their solution in a 5-minute pitch. The jury will judge you and your solution to find the winner of the FabSpace 2.0 Breeze challenge.

For our detailed agenda please click here (PDF-Viewer needed). After the registratrion deadline and before the event, you will receive addional informations you might need. If you have questions in the meantime JUST ASK.

And yes, you heard nothing about costs yet. This is why the hack is for free!

Great prizes

1st prize of the Hackathon is a trip to #EcoApForum about air quality in Sofia, Bulgaria from 5.2. to 6.2.2018, sponsored by City of Darmstadt. On top of that all solutions presented by the teams will have the chance to be selected for an internship at Breeze Technologies UG. And finally all participants will have the chance to be part of a guided tour at EUMETSAT

All you need is your creativity

Beside your personal computer you don’t need to bring along any additional equipment. All other tools will be online or provided by the FabSpace and Breeze Technologies team at the event. First, we want you to subscribe to the event, you can find the subscription link below. As interdisciplinary teams usually provide the best results, we do not expect any specific expertise from you. Experiences with the representation of geodata in geo-information systems (GIS) and possibly first experience in the handling of satellite and environmental data are an advantage but not strictly necessary.

Open for everybody

No matter wich field your active in its worth to join our event to team up in a heterogenous group. Everybody is welcome to join.





Behind event

The FabSpace 2.0 Breeze Technologies challenge is jointly organized by FabSpace 2.0 and Breeze Technologies to raise the awareness of EO and AQ in general but also to give enthusiasts and creative people a space to test their creativity and ideas.


Cooperation Partner

Sascha Heising

FabSpace 2.0

Md Bayzidul Islam

FabSpace 2.0

Team of breeze

Breeze Technologies UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

About Breeze Technologies:

Breeze develops a cloud analytics platform for environmental data and offers low-cost air quality sensors for large-scale indoor and outdoor deployments – 1.000 X cheaper than industry standard solutions. The startup's smart algorithms suggest the most efficient and effective air quality improvement measures, connect customers to intervention partners if necessary and track the success of implemented and ongoing interventions for the two targeted customer segments smart buildings and smart cities.

Breeze has been funded through two EU startup innovation programs, as well as the Google DNI fund. The company has been recognized in multiple international competitions as one of the most promising European startups and is a member of Fraunhofer's Morgenstadt smart city innovation network.

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DATE: 12.01.- 13.01.2018

TIME: starting at 16:00, ending at about 17:00 on Saturday (24h)

LOCATION: Count+Care GmbH, Landwehrstraße 55, 64293 Darmstadt

ORGANIZER: FabSpace 2.0 Darmstadt

FORMAT: Hackathon

DEVICES(S): Please bring your own Laptop! No other devices needed

Food and Drinks: Free food, drinks, coffee and sweets

Accomodation: We offer a seperate room for your sleeping bags and camping mats. There is also a hotel nearby

Cleaning/Refreshing: Toilets and shower are available


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